The Difference Between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC) can be used to drive relevant visitors to your site. It’s an excellent marketing tool for small websites, as it can be challenging to incorporate all of your key phrases into your website content.

The Difference Between Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring your site receives maximum visibility. When users type a list of search words or phrases into a search engine they receive a list of sites that match their query, with the closest match appearing higher up the page. This is known as an ‘organic' search. Search engines rank websites based on many criteria.

In addition to the organic search results, you will see adverts [Ad] at the top of the page. These adverts are generated through Google Ads, formerly called AdWords.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

So, just what is Google Ads? It's Google's online advertising platform helping you connect with prospective customers at a valuable moment when they are looking for the services you are offering. You select your own keywords and phrases, and it is ‘Pay per Click’, meaning you only pay when a user clicks through the advert into your site. You set your budgets and your boundaries, and you refine your campaign to ensure your ad achieves its potential.

There is also an option for your ad to appear on the Google Display Network, where your advert is placed across Google programs and partner sites.

Your advert would appear on a site that is visited by your potential customers. This could be a forum or a website that relates to your business, for instance. However, the visitors to the site aren't actively seeking a service as they are during an organic search. This means your marketing approach on the Google Display Network needs to be different, as before you can draw users through to your own site you need to capture their attention and sell your service to them.

With Google Ads, you aren't tied into a lengthy agreement and there is no minimum spend. The most important thing is to ensure your keywords are correctly targeted as it’s essential to make every click count, as clicks cost money

Creating a Google Ads account is the easy part. Getting the best out of your budget – whether large or small – is more difficult. It requires a strategic approach. Even a campaign with a modest budget can reap great rewards if it is carefully managed.

Google Ads is for small business owners like you. If you aren’t sure where to start then have a look at this earlier blog post –  Google Ads Advice – for some tips and useful information.

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