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I'm Adrian Bold, married with two not so young sons and live in Hampshire, UK.

I’ve been actively involved with online marketing since 2001 after becoming intrigued by how search engines work

I first got involved with ‘Internet stuff’ when I was volunteered to build a website for my rugby club because I “worked in IT“. Microsoft FrontPage (remember that?) was my weapon of choice and I duly set about creating carnage! Although I soon realised that I’m not, ahem, a designer, it did set me on the path of the more analytical side of the web. I started doing SEO before I knew what SEO was!

I was an early user of AdWords (Google’s Pay per Click advertising platform) having built my first Google AdWords campaign in 2002. I bought the very first book written by Perry Marshall on the subject, printed it off and found the concept fascinating! PPC has evolved over the years, but I remain as enthusiastic as ever about paid search.

The best part is seeing a client’s campaign delivering results. I also try to help other users by answering PPC questions over at Quora.

As a Pay per Click professional, I keep up to date with the latest innovations and have to regularly retake the exams to ensure our status as a Google and Bing Ads Partner.


I've known Adrian for over 10 years but recently sought his advice and recommendations to improve our company website. He's a knowledgeable guy when it comes to SEO and PPC. Early results are showing improved visibility already. Above all, he's honest and trustworthy.
Peter Upton
Peter Upton
Business Owner

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Finally, please don't hesitate to get in touch should you want an informal chat about your business and how we can help with promoting it online.
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