Does Google Ads Help With SEO Rankings?

I've often heard it mentioned that spending money with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) will help boost a site's rankings in the natural search results, i.e. Google Ads somehow gives a benefit to SEO. Does Google Ads help with SEO rankings? Short answer – No.

Whilst I've never believed it to be true, it is good never-the-less to hear it straight from Matt Cutts, who used to be the public face of Google:

Although this video makes the point that there is no connection between AdWords (as it was called then) spend and SEO gain, there is a benefit to having more relevant visitors to your website. It is safe to assume that Google wants relevant, high-quality sites at the top of the search results, rather than those who are not specific to the search.

I'm sure conspiracy theorists will still claim that there is a connection between SEO and Google Ads but, for the rest of us, hopefully, that is one SEO myth that can now be put to bed.

Although this is a very old post, I've left it in place as even now (2020), this comment still arises from time-to-time. My view is that getting quality traffic to your site can only help increase your site's visibility but that there is no direct correlation being spending on Google Ads and SEO success.

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