Lower Google Ads Costs by Improving Your Quality Score

Pay Per Click advertising may sound simple enough. Choose relevant keywords, pair them with adverts and pay to drive customers to your website, via their clicks on these ads. However, as straightforward as that process may be, both Google with Google Ads and Microsoft with Bing Ads use a factor called Quality Score as an element when calculating click charges. Simply put, improving your Quality Score will save you money!

If you take a minute to consider the many hundreds of locations around the globe, the varying time differences, changing competitiveness and the millions of keywords being bid on at any given moment then you can begin to understand why PPC becomes a competitive battleground. Each word paired with an advert is awarded a quality score rating and the most relevant pairing is given a discounted price on the cost of the click.

Understanding Google’s Quality Score algorithm is one of the main factors in wasted money being spent on irrelevant keywords and their respective ads. A higher quality score saves on the cost of each click, so it is very worthwhile improving your quality score, in order to bring down the cost and increase value to your PPC campaigns.

It is also important that you consider your landing pages because your Quality Score is affected both by the keyword and the relevancy of the keyword to the landing page it is directing the visitor to. Here are a few points to note when prepping your landing page for a higher Quality Score:

  • If your landing page collects personal information, it should display an SSL certificate and privacy policy
  • Include an ‘about us’ page
  • Include a ‘contact us’ page
  • Is the information on your landing page directly relevant to the search query?
  • Is this information unique?
  • Does the rest of the site have content related to the search query?

For further clarification and up to date information regarding Google's Quality Score algorithm, visit: Check and Understand Quality Score


If you don't feel you are getting a good return from your Google Ads campaign we can offer a review of your account, and/or account management services. 


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