Is Google Ads Complimentary Service Welcome?

Can an anonymous ‘Google Ads specialist’ make a difference to your business?

Google offers a wide range of services and as a certified Google Partner we do, of course, see the value of Google Ads – targeted online advertising can have a massive impact on your business.  However, for novice users, it can feel hard to navigate and understand what is going to deliver results and we often wonder how many new Google Ads users fall by the wayside because they don't fully understand how Pay per Click works.

The drop off rate of users who ‘cancel’ their accounts because they don’t see the results or have support from professional Account Management would be very interesting to see…

This tweet popped into the @boldinternet twitter stream:

Perhaps this will be welcomed by some users but Tweet responses to just this one post showed some clear evidence that Google ‘expert’ intervention didn’t lead to great results compared with tailored, professional account management from experts.  Google’s approach does puzzle us somewhat…

Google: "We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business”?

There are no guarantees of increased effectiveness but pledges that the budget won’t be changed and the account will be managed using:

  • Expert knowledge with experience optimising 800,000+ Google Ads accounts
  • Campaign experts working to improve your performance
  • Setup and ongoing activation of advanced features

The service kicks in automatically unless the user opts out!

Email from Google Ads

Google is, of course, a huge force online, and particularly in online advertising – $109.65bn revenue in 2017



However, every day the market becomes more saturated with new tools and approaches to paid online advertising and businesses are willing to increase spend when they see better ROI (Return On Investment).

Agencies such as Bold Internet go through Google Ad Partner accreditation to deliver effective individually tailored campaigns. To work ethically, with clients’ best interest at heart whilst achieving cost-effective increases in business.
Unfortunately, there seems to be little or no effort to promote the benefits of using an accredited expert by the people providing the accreditation – Google themselves. Our post from 2012 demonstrates how this appears to have been the case from the inception of the ‘partner' scheme. 

This article from Optmyzr asks some interesting questions about whether Google will ever have the interests of your specific business at heart and the effectiveness of using AI/automation where sometimes nuanced personal understanding and detailed testing of campaigns deliver the best results.

Perhaps it can be boiled down to the cliche – well worn because it’s so true – ‘You get what you pay for’.

If you do receive a notification from Google, it is important that you review and take action. It might work really well for performance of your Google Ads but it’s important to review your account regularly.

If you would like a professional review of your Google Ads account for recommendations on how to maximise your return please get in touch.

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