Are Google AdWords Vouchers Really the Best Incentive?

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As a UK Google Ads agency, Google regularly provides us with vouchers. These voucher codes are typically for £50 or £75 and can be used for new Google AdWords (now called Google Ads) advertisers as a credit against their Pay per Click costs.

That's all fine and dandy and it's great that Google provide new advertisers with a way to try AdWords with some credit to test the water. Unfortunately, for an AdWords agency such as Bold Internet, speaking to new advertisers is not that common. Typically, we are helping existing AdWords account holders with AdWords management, i.e. taking over an existing account and optimising it to help them develop effective AdWords campaigns.

I was at the Google Engage Agency Day in London last Friday (February 2012) and I asked the question about whether there could be a way to help existing advertisers too. Of course, I wasn't expecting an instant answer but it was reassuring that my peers in the audience didn't fall off their chairs with laughter!

The gist of my question was this: “Why doesn't Google incentivise existing AdWords advertisers to work with one of their Certified Partners?

In my opinion, this falls into the ‘win-win-win' category:

  • Google retains an advertiser that may otherwise stop using AdWords
  • The agency gains a new client
  • The advertiser starts to see a positive return on their AdWords investment

I often wonder how many novice AdWords users fall by the wayside because they don't fully understand how Pay per Click works or the fact they could have professional AdWords account management? My guess is that for everyone who is ‘saved' there are many more who cancel their accounts convinced that AdWords doesn't work.

I'm sure in the early days of an account being set live that Google could monitor performance and alert the advertiser. The alert system is already in place and could detect certain account aspects, e.g. low click-through rate (CTR), no conversion tracking in place, rapid budget depletion, low-quality score, etc.

It could then provide a link to the AdWords Partners portal, perhaps with two or three agencies local to the advertiser already filtered.

When the advertiser's account is linked to one of these agencies and the account is being actively managed (change history already exists), the advertiser could then receive the incentive, e.g. a credit against their next month's PPC costs.

I don't know if an idea like this would ever be taken seriously by Google but it would be great if there was a way to proactively find advertisers that are struggling with AdWords and to help them optimise their accounts.

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