Google’s Advertising Revenue Reaches New Heights

Many people who use search engines like Google often claim to avoid clicking on ads – the ones that normally appear on the top of search results, or the ones which pop up on other sites. But, in reality, most of these people are mistaken. Revenue from advertising is Google’s primary source of advertising, so someone, somewhere, is clicking on these ads.In recent data, it has been proven that more people are in fact clicking adverts on Google than ever before. The graph below shows that Google's revenue from advertising has more than quadrupled from 2008 to Q3 of 2017, where it has reached a staggering USD 27,470 million.

Graph showing Google's advertising revenue

So, what’s driving this growth? The simple answer, you, the consumer. More and more people are turning to Google to find products, services and help, which in turn means more adverts are being clicked on than ever before.
As a business owner, this should tell you one thing – the potential that advertising on Google could create for you.

The data is there, the growth is proven and the adverts are most certainly being clicked on, so make sure you are making the most of it with an efficiently managed Google Ads campaign!

If you would like help setting up an account – or a professional review of your existing Google Ads account for recommendations on how to maximise your return – please get in touch.


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