Google Analytics Referral Spam Filter

This post isn't going to be another ‘how to block referrer spam‘ type posts; there are more than enough of those already.

If you are reading this, I'll assume that you already understand what Google Analytics referral spam is and just want a quick way to remove it from your data view.

Free Analytics Spam Filter

I came across this free referral spam filter a couple of weeks ago and it's great! The team at Loganix maintain a list of spam websites that you can quickly import to your Google Analytics account as a segment.

This screenshot just shows a quick example from a site I have access to that is particularly plagued by referral spam:

Analytics Referral Spam Segment
Many site owners don't get past just looking at ‘all traffic' and believing the headline session numbers. Even if you've tried to manually filter out referral spam, you'll know what a pain it can be so this spambot filter segment is good news.

You'll need to sign up to the Loganix newsletter but I've not been swamped with emails and the time saving on being able to remove referral spam is well worth it.

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