Google Shutting Down Google Ads Advertisers Who Flout Policies

It is well known that Google regularly close Google Ads accounts where the advertiser creates adverts that break one of their strict policy rules.

These can include topics such as counterfeit goods, products that are harmful or ads with misleading claims.

In 2011 – 800,000 advertisers had their accounts closed. These accounted for 130 million adverts between them!

The process for spotting these inappropriate ads includes a combination of:

  • Automated systems
  • Human review
  • User reporting

Google has recently announced that the detection systems they use have been improved and continue to become more stringent as they strive to maintain the integrity of the Google Ads marketplace.

Watch this short video from Google's Engineering Director, David Baker, in which he explains the process for catching advertisers that are operating against Google's policies:

Read the full post from Google here: Making our ads better for everyone

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