Google Ads Negative Keyword Lists

Google Ads Negative Keyword Lists

I've long been an exponent of using negative keywords in your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, particularly if using Google Ads.

In January 2011, Google announced a big time saver for AdWords users (AdWords became Google Ads in 2018):

Negative Keyword Lists. This is a way of saving generic negative keywords so you can re-use time and time again. A real time saver and encouraging that Google is helping advertisers with one of the most effective ways to improve a Google Ads account.


In case you are fairly new to Google Ads, a negative keyword is a keyword or phrase that you can add to your account to prevent your advert being shown when that keyword forms part of the search query. This can help prevent wasted clicks (budget) and improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). They are one of the most valuable resources when looking to improve a Google Ads account.

Be prepared to have multiple lists for ease of management. For instance, you may want to create a list of negative locations for your business. We find keeping single keywords and phrases separate useful too as this can be helpful if ever doing an audit of the negative keywords in your account.

An example would be - If you are a law firm specialising in conveyancing and all the legalities around residential house sales although you would want to appear in "solicitor" and "lawyer" you would not want to waste you budget and get inappropriate enquiries from people looking for an "employment solicitor".

To access negative keyword lists, in your Google Ads account go to:Tools > Shared Library > Negative keyword lists

If you would like help to get better Return On Investment from your Google Ads account contact us for a Professional Review

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