Domain Name Selling Spam

As I'm sure lots of people do, I occasionally receive emails from chancers trying to sell me a ‘keyword rich‘ domain name. If not already marked as spam, I mark as such and move on. However, this domain selling spam email caught my eye because this particular idiot was churning out so many emails, they couldn't even get the industry right.

domain-selling-spam email

Note the area code (Middlesbrough).

However, in this instance, rather than just moving on, I was reminded of a conversation I'd had with a client a couple of years ago who'd been offered a domain in a similar way and was seriously considering it simply because it was ‘good for SEO'. Fortunately, she spoke to me first and saved her money.

Although it may seem obvious that this is just a spamming effort to try and solicit a high fee, I try not to assume that it would be apparent to someone not familiar with the world of ‘Internet marketing' and SEO.

If you're ever curious to know who owns the domain name and how long they've had it, you can use a domain lookup up service. In this instance, I used which presented me this:


I've blurred out the registrant's name though in case Mr. Hall doesn't want it publicised.

There are plenty of domain name aftersell markets, e.g. Flippa or Sedo, but don't be tempted by these spammy email attempts. Chances are the domain has only recently been purchased and is no more than a crude effort to get you to pay over the odds for something that is worthless.

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