Google Ads Close Variant Keyword Matching

Review Those Search Queries!

If you advertise online using Google Ads, you are probably aware that Google withdrew the option to turn off close variant keyword matching for phrase and exact match keywords. The ability to turn this off was removed towards the end of September 2014.

Following that, weekly search query reviews appear to be showing more ‘random' keywords than previously.

It is unfortunate that Google made this change to AdWords (as it was then, now Google Ads) but we need to manage it. If you run your own Google Ads campaigns, it is now more important than ever that you make sure of negative keywords and are vigilant with your search queries. Our recommendation would be to run weekly.

To do this, go to your keyword tab and select details to see the actual searches that resulted in clicks on your adverts:

AdWords search queries

Once you have this data, you can then schedule it to be sent to you automatically as an email.

There is a range of other tips on keywords and general Google Ads account management in our blogs.

If you would like a review of your account and/or to discuss professional management of your Google Ads, please get in touch.

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