Google Ads Software

You do not need to use software to manage your Google AdWords campaigns but knowing the right tools for the job could just be the difference between success and failure.

Free AdWords Software

If you plan on managing your own AdWords campaigns, the first software application you should be using is Google's own AdWords Editor. This free application is a must, particularly if you have many Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords to manage.

You can work perfectly fine within the browser interface, but AdWords Editor just makes it easier to manage campaigns locally, back-up your work and work on multiple accounts.

Professional AdWords Software


What a brilliant application! SpeedPPC isn't cheap but if you need to make large campaigns using lots of repetition, e.g. location based searches, this software could repay your investment many times over.

So what does it do? In simple terms, SpeedPPC can take combinations of keywords and ad copy and produce highly targeted Pay per Click campaigns ready for import into the most popular PPC search engines. You could achieve exactly the same result with Excel but it would take you days. The same process with SpeedPPC can be achieved in minutes producing output ready for uploading to your PPC account.

Other AdWords Applications

Other tools you need in your box would be a:

  • A spreadsheet application for the sorting and sifting
  • A text editor for organising and expanding. Any will do but my chosen editor is the excellent NoteTab Pro

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