AdWords Tips

A few basic tips for novice AdWords users:

  • Don't combine Search and Display. They function in fundamentally different ways.
  • Use filters to quickly spot opportunities for improvement in your AdWords account.
  • If you're not using negative keywords, you are wasting money.
  • Bidding on broad match keywords without using negatives is a particularly budget draining!
  • In fact, bidding on broad match keywords even with negative keywords can very costly!
  • Google have multiple exams for AdWords qualified individuals. This is for a reason. There's more to AdWords than first meets the eye.
  • Design specific ads for specific ad groups depending upon the keywords in that group & include the keyword in the ad.
  • Automated rules can really help you save time when optimising your AdWords account.
  • Use ad scheduling to ensure your adverts are only seen at a time that make sense for your business.
  • Make use of sitelinks. It will give your adverts greater scope and options to link to other pages.
  • Work out your maximum cost per click before starting. Knowing your margins will allow you to understand how much you can realistically pay for each click.
  • Keyword match types make no difference in Google display advertising.
  • Use AdWords Editor for updating and to take backups of your account.

You can find out more about some of these AdWords tips in our webinar videos.

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