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Have you ever visited a website and seen an advert for something you have already been searching for somewhere else? That's remarketing!

It's a clever way of increasing your sales by tagging visitors to your site so that your adverts can follow them as they surf the web.

​Why use AdWords Remarketing?

The logic is simple. The more your prospective customers see your advert for something they are already looking for, the more likely they are to buy it from you. It's no wonder that "remarketing" is also known as "retargeting".

AdWords remarketing works very effectively. Here's how:

How PPC remarketing works

A user visits your website and may or may not complete an action

Google places a “cookie” in this user’s browser to show they visited your website

The user leaves your website and navigates through other websites on the Google Display Network

The “cookie” triggers your ad to show on these GDN sites, giving you another chance to advertise to this user

AdWords Remarketing Process


Target Acquisition

We set up your site so it automatically assigns a unique ID to each visitor. This ID is then stored on their computer in the form of a "cookie". These ID's are also recorded on your computer in lists that relate to the pages they visited. In the offline world, this is the equivalent of having a member of staff collect the identity of each visitor to your store along with a note of which products they showed an interest in.


Campaign Creation

This is where things start to get interesting. Using the Google AdWords platform we create a series of online adverts. Each advert is targeted at a different group of visitors, depending on which pages they visited and which products they showed an interest in. These adverts can appear on any site that has given Google permission to display adverts (in return for a small % of the revenue generated). This is known as AdSense.


Targeted Advert Display

The Google Display Network is a vast network of AdSense enabled websites, videos and apps. When one of your tagged visitors, visits another site that has AdSense enabled, Google detects it and triggers the display of one of your relevant adverts. When the person then clicks on that advert they come directly back to a specific product page on your site and are offered the opportunity to buy. This is why display advertising has the power to increase your conversion rates massively.

If you are interested in finding our more about how you could put the power of remarketing to use in your business, please get in touch.​

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