Thrive WordPress Landing Page Plugin Review

Thrive Content Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily build content rich, responsive pages and posts within their own self-hosted WordPress sites.

In case you are unaware of the core functionality, take a look at our Thrive Content Builder review page which includes two overview videos.

Building on what is already a superb plugin, in September 2014, the Thrive team released a new version with a totally new feature to allow the easy creation of responsive WordPress landing pages.

They've also developed the capability to create lightboxes for WordPress sites, effectively providing three products in one nifty plugin!

Thrive Landing Pages
Thrive Content Builder
Thrive Lightbox

This video gives a quick demonstration of the Thrive WordPress Landing Page plugin:

Hopefully, you'll see from the video how Thrive Content Builder can make building WordPress landing pages a breeze. Combined with the other functionality already within this plugin and you'll appreciate it really is a very good piece of kit! 

You can use this WordPress landing plugin to:

  • Create landing pages... fast!
  • Build email marketing lists
  • Develop website content

If you'd like to understand a bit more about this plugin's functionality and watch one of the co-founders demonstrate some additional capabilities, just follow this link or click on the video thumbnail to the right.