Recommended WordPress Plugins

One of the joys of building websites with WordPress is the shear range of plugins available. This can also be quite daunting, particularly to new WordPress users. 

This page is by no means a definitive lists but features some WordPress plugins that we have used and would recommend for most site owners.

Most are available for free via the official WordPress Plugin directory. This should be your first port of call for plugins and you should be careful, i.e. trust the source, if getting a plugin from a third party.

WordPress Plugins

Alternatively, if WordPress is already installed, go to: Plugins > Add New  > Search

Building on the functionality of WordPress, these plugins will help with site security, usability and management.​

WordPress Plugins for Site Security

Sucuri SiteCheck

Checks for Malware and helps to secure your site.

Limit Login Attempts

Help yourself by changing the default username from 'Admin' but this allows you to also limit login attempts to help prevent bots trying to break into your site.


A spam killer! 🙂

WordPress Website Management Plugins


This plugin allows you to create a schedule and has many options for where you can save your backups to, including local and cloud storage.

W3 Total Cache

Improve your website performance, e.g. load time, with a range of cache management functions.


From WordPress, this plugin gives self-hosted users access to the same functionality as on offer for people who host their blogs at


Gives you the ability to add content to specific parts of your site without having to edit files manually.

Search & Replace

Does what it says on the tin! Very handy for those situations where you need to make mass updates through your website.

Broken Link Checker

Because things change! This lets you find those broken links that can appear from time to time in a site.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast has been used for many years but recent (3.x) updates mean we had no choice but to remove. Check for latest reviews of this plugin if still tempted to use on your site.

Our recommendation now is All In One SEO Pack.  

Google XML Sitemaps

In case you don't want to use an SEO plugin option that includes these features, this is a very capable alternative.

Visual Editing and Design

Thrive Content Builder

A fantastic visual editor plugin for WordPress that brings drag and drop simplicity for users wanting to quickly create and design pages.

See the Thrive Content Builder review page for further information and videos.