Google’s New Privacy Policy is Live – Are You Prepared?

Header image for New Privacy Policy

So, today we see the launch of Google's new Privacy Policy. If you use any of Google's services (who doesn't?), you would no doubt have seen a message or received an email about this. Did you read it? Does it matter?

We've discussed Internet privacy before. Of course, this is a sensitive topic and, depending on your viewpoint, it's either a case of ‘whatever‘ or is the scourge of modern life. Of course, we all need to be careful but, personally, I believe Google do an excellent job of informing us about their Privacy Policy and we all have certain choices about how we manage that. As with Facebook, I don't believe we can expect to make use of all these free services without some form of payback; in this case, it's targeted advertising.

The BBC have just published this piece – Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning – along with an accompanying video, that explains well what this is about in plain English.

One thing you can do if you are concerned about your privacy with regard your web history is to log in your account and check your settings:

Account Settings | Services | Go to Web History –> Clear all

Google Web History
Google Web History

So, we're going to continue seeing a convergence of Google's services and the way they handle our data. Google display advertising via its AdWords platform is going to get increasingly refined allowing advertisers to really hone in on their prey target. Is that a problem or just the price for some great, free online services?

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