Google Announce Bid-Per-Call for UK AdWords Advertisers

Continuing their domination of online paid advertising, Google AdWords have just announced that Bid-Per-Call, i.e. paying for telephone calls received via AdWords ads, is going to be rolled out over the next few weeks within the UK.

So, if you have a business where you know that a lot of your leads are likely to be generated via the telephone, this could be a powerful way to drive additional enquiries via paid search.

You will use a dedicated forwarding phone number that Google will provide. This will allow total tracking of the telephone calls you receive and lots of juicy data will be made available within your AdWords account.

AdWords Bid-Per-Call Data

  • Summaries of calls completed
  • A new acronym – PTR (phone through rate)
  • Phone call cost
  • Call duration
  • Telephone call time of day
  • Area code of caller
  • Ad group responsible for generating the lead

A new dimension in online paid advertising has opened up and lots of businesses could do very well from this if exploiting the Bid-Per-Call opportunity correctly.

Read Google’s announcement in full:

Introducing bid-per-call in AdWords

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