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Changing from HTTP to HTTPS

By Adrian | Search Engines , SEO


On the 6th August 2014, Google confirmed that they were going to start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. If you’re a ‘techie‘ this may well be routine but if you’re a business owner who has a website, what does this mean for you? In terms of the basics, most sites that are hosted have […]

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What is Remarketing?

By Adrian | Google AdWords , Search Engines

Remarketing Google AdWords

Remarketing is a buzz word in Internet Marketing Circles and a very lucrative one it can be too. But what is remarketing? Sometimes also called retargeting, it does what it says on the tin – Re-markets to your prospects, reminding them of your presence time and time again. You have probably come to notice it […]

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The Complexities Behind Google Search

By Adrian | Search Engines

Google Search Explained

Search Engines may look uncomplicated from the outside – a simple box that you type your search query into. However, behind the scenes is a whole other story. Complex doesn’t begin to cover the intricacies of how search works. Imagine a giant cobweb bigger than anything you can comprehend and all over the intricate silk […]

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