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Mobile Friendly Google Search Results

Mobile Friendly Google Search Results

Google have been gently encouraging us for many years now to ensure our websites are mobile friendly, or responsive. This morning, whilst trawling through Google Plus, I spotted a post shared by US-based SEO expert, Beth Lee Browning in which it showed how Google search results on mobile devices are now showing whether a site […]

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Google Shopping Engine Completes Transition to Pay per Click

PPC management services

From the 11th June 2013, any brands wishing to showcase their products through the Google Shopping search engine will have to pay for the privilege. Google’s latest hurdle in its bid to restructure its digital empire, marks the final step in the global transition for Google’s shopping engine to go commercial. In a bid to […]

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Will Google Updates Change The Way We Advertise?

google penguin panda

We have all heard of Google’s notorious updates – Panda and Penguin; these algorithm changes were developed with the aim of reducing the prominence of low quality websites out there. Although these may have been developed with good intentions in mind, unfortunately many businesses out there have now been negatively affected. Some down to their […]

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The Difference Between Paid Links and Advertising…

Matt Cutts of Google

…in the eyes of Google. If you’ve followed SEO or link building for any length of time, you will know that links are the currency of the web when it comes to helping boost a site’s rankings. However, Google change (improve?) their algorithms constantly in an effort to only show the best results to prevent […]

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Google Takes Another Shot at Suspect SEO

Webspam example

Google have often stated (Google SEO guidelines video) that they have no problem with SEO. The issue they have is with webmasters, site owners and SEOs who try to gain an unfair advantage using ‘black hat’ techniques, or what Google refer to as ‘webspam’. Click to see full size Yesterday, Matt Cutts of Google published […]

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Google’s New Privacy Policy is Live – Are You Prepared?

Google Privacy Policy

So, today we see the launch of Google’s new Privacy Policy. If you use any of Google’s services (who doesn’t?), you would no doubt have seen a message or received an email about this. Did you read it? Does it matter? We’ve discussed Internet privacy before. Of course, this is a sensitive topic and, depending […]

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