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Google AdWords – How It Works Presentation

How It Works - Google AdWords

This presentation was first given to local businesses based in Hampshire, UK in November 2015. Its aim being to raise awareness of Google AdWords, in terms of the possibilities, the pitfalls and some basic tips for anyone considering starting their own Google ads campaign. The transcript from the video has been copied below. If you […]

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Mobile Friendly Google Search Results

Mobile Friendly Google Search Results

Google have been gently encouraging us for many years now to ensure our websites are mobile friendly, or responsive. This morning, whilst trawling through Google Plus, I spotted a post shared by US-based SEO expert, Beth Lee Browning in which it showed how Google search results on mobile devices are now showing whether a site […]

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AdWords Close Variant Keyword Matching

AdWords search queries

Review Those Search Queries! If you advertise online using Google AdWords, you are probably aware that Google withdrew the option to turn off close variant keyword matching for phrase and exact match keywords. The ability to turn this off was removed towards the end of September 2014. Although early days, our weekly search query reviews […]

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Understanding the AdWords Bid Auction

Understanding AdWords bid auction

When it comes to Google AdWords advertising, it is no surprise that many business owners either struggle with, or are simply unaware of, how Google’s bid auction works when it comes to determining how much an advertiser will pay for a click. Let’s face it, if you’re busy running your own business, why would you […]

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Do Your Research Before Choosing a PPC Agency


We occasionally receive telephone calls from small business owners who have paid someone in the region of £100 / $200 for AdWords services only to find that the money is spent and, in return, they have nothing to show for it.One of the tricks some agencies pull is to do what we call ‘rent-a-campaign’ where campaigns are […]

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Google Keyword Planner Replaces AdWords Keyword Tool

Hello Google Keyword Planner

Google recently replaced their popular Keyword Tool with the new and improved Keyword Planner. The official word from Google is that Keyword Planner combines the functionality of the Keyword Tool and popularity of the Google Traffic Estimator in a bid to simplify the planning of search campaigns for AdWords PPC campaigns and SEO efforts. Google […]

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Google Shopping Engine Completes Transition to Pay per Click

PPC management services

From the 11th June 2013, any brands wishing to showcase their products through the Google Shopping search engine will have to pay for the privilege. Google’s latest hurdle in its bid to restructure its digital empire, marks the final step in the global transition for Google’s shopping engine to go commercial. In a bid to […]

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Will Google Updates Change The Way We Advertise?

google penguin panda

We have all heard of Google’s notorious updates – Panda and Penguin; these algorithm changes were developed with the aim of reducing the prominence of low quality websites out there. Although these may have been developed with good intentions in mind, unfortunately many businesses out there have now been negatively affected. Some down to their […]

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How Google Enhanced Campaigns Change AdWords Advertising

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by at the moment without Google announcing another significant change to their operations. First Penguin and Panda turned search engine algorithms on their heads, and then Google Local came under the spotlight to receive a full makeover. Now pay per click results engine AdWords have revealed […]

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AdWords Display Network New Interface

AdWords Display Network Tab

Google announced yesterday that display advertising within Google AdWords is about to have some significant improvements. In case you don’t know, the AdWords Display Network is made up of websites who have opted in to Google’s Adsense program, i.e. those sites that carry third party advertising served by Google. Display advertising has been tricky to […]

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Google Shutting Down AdWords Advertisers Who Flout Policies

Google AdWords Safe Ads Video

It is well known that Google regularly close AdWords accounts where the advertiser creates adverts that break one of their strict policy rules. These can include topics such as counterfeit goods, products that are harmful or ads with misleading claims. In 2011 – 800,000 AdWords advertisers had their accounts closed. These accounted for 130 million adverts […]

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Google’s New Privacy Policy is Live – Are You Prepared?

Google Privacy Policy

So, today we see the launch of Google’s new Privacy Policy. If you use any of Google’s services (who doesn’t?), you would no doubt have seen a message or received an email about this. Did you read it? Does it matter? We’ve discussed Internet privacy before. Of course, this is a sensitive topic and, depending […]

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Introduction to Google AdWords Presentation

Introduction to Google AdWords Presentation

This introduction to Google AdWords presentation was created as part of a Hangout on Air (HOA) presented on Google Plus in March 2014. Google AdWords Overview The video recording of that HOA can be found on our AdWords tutorials page. Hopefully, this presentation will be useful to you if just getting started with AdWords. Get […]

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Are Google AdWords Vouchers Really the Best Incentive?

Google AdWords Voucher

As a UK AdWords agency, Google provide us with AdWords vouchers regularly. These voucher codes are typically for £50 or £75 and can be used for new AdWords advertisers as a credit against their Pay per Click costs. That’s all fine and dandy and it’s great that Google provide new advertisers with a way to […]

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How Does Google AdWords Work?


Google AdWords is a simple and effective way to increase relevant traffic to your website. A successful AdWords campaign can increase unique visits to your website and encourage visitors to follow your ‘call to action’. This might be to purchase a product, enquire about a service or sign up to receive your e-newsletter. But, just how […]

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Does Google AdWords Help With SEO Rankings?

Matt Cutts - AdWords and SEO

I’ve often heard it mentioned that spending money with Google AdWords will help boost a site’s rankings in the natural search results, i.e. AdWords somehow gives a benefit to SEO. Does Google AdWords help with SEO rankings? Short answer – No. Whilst I’ve never believed it to be true, it is good never-the-less to hear […]

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