AdWords Display Network New Interface

Google announced yesterday that display advertising within Google AdWords is about to have some significant improvements.

In case you don't know, the AdWords Display Network is made up of websites who have opted in to Google's Adsense program, i.e. those sites that carry third party advertising served by Google.

Display advertising has been tricky to manage through the AdWords interface; it's often been treated as the poor relation to Google Search. That now appears to be changing.

Watch this short video from Google Product Management Director, Mr. B. Bender:

The new Display Network Tab is going to make it much easier for AdWords users to create, manage and optimise display campaigns.

AdWords Display Network Tab

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Google know they have to keep improving the AdWords Display Network in order to grow their already dominant position in this lucrative advertising space. Giving advertisers further tools to build, measure and refine their display campaigns is surely going to do this. Online display advertising looks set for a growth explosion.

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